The Best Place On Earth


I received this ARC from Random House Publishing Group and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Lush.  This is a word I’ve often seen used to describe writing but until now never quite understood.  Tsabari’s collection of short stories is unimaginably lush.  I poured over the pages, going back and rereading sentences and paragraphs. savoring them in the hopes that I could capture the emotion forever.

We felt like we were part of a generation, and that life had been made just for us and we’d never be sick and never grow old and nothing bad would ever happen to us.-Tikkun

These snapshots into the life of Israelis was fascinating, if fictional.  I know very little about the Yemini Jews that are the focus of most of these stories but I was inspired to do some research, to learn.  These are stories of war.

This is my generation’s war.  A war fought with plastic sheets and duct tape, a wet towel stolen from a hotel room in Eilat, a picture of a sandy beach on a sunny day.-The Poets in the Kitchen Window

These are stories of longing.

Sometimes Israel and the Philippines would blend in her head, overlap, the smell of dusty concrete in August, the outpouring of orange after sunset, the musk of old, musty homes, the ripe stench of the vegetable market.  Some nights, like tonight, delighting in the cool fall air, tipsy after an evening among friends.-Invisible

These are stories of faith and despair.

When I still believed in God, I used to make deals with him to bring Dad back.  I promised I wouldn’t watch TV on Shabbat, mix dairy and meat behind Mom’s back, or steal money from her purse.  When that didn’t work, I offered up Mom.  If I had to have one parent, I wanted one who saw me.-Warplanes

These are stories about human frailty.

Maybe there’s something good about knowing it could all end at any minute.-The Best Place On Earth

I have a book hangover and the literary liquor I imbibed over the last week is going to be coursing through my veins for many a sleepless night.  Brava, Ms. Tsabari.  This is a must read, an objective masterpiece.

Five stars.

Expected Publication: March 8, 2016

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