The Hidden Twin


I received this book from St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review.

A girl with no name has grown up in Caldaras City, at the foot of a volcano.  She is kept hidden from sight.  This girl is a twin, the product of a human and an “other,” and she should have been killed at birth by law.  She is a redwing and her kind are monsters that masquerade as human.

The face of the dead obsidian redwing of High Ra square finds me in my sleep, haunting me because he doesn’t look like a redwing.  Because he looks human, as I do.

The girl is good.  Her father saw it in her at birth and couldn’t bear to let her go.  She hasn’t ever harmed a living creature.

But to call me human?  If only she knew what I would give for that to be true!

After switching places with her sister, Jey, working in the imperial gardens one day things take a drastic turn.  Priests of the temple see her for who she is and she is plunged into a quest she’s not even sure she believes in.  Can she prove that she has humanity, even if it’s a little different?

But we know the truth of monsters by their actions, not their appearance.

This was a short read and I found it easy to page through while reading another more challenging book.  I found the plot predictable but the world-building was engaging enough that I kept reading.  I hope this book spawns a series, I’m rather curious to find out more about this world in the shadow of the volcano Mol.

Three stars.

Expected publication: March 29, 2016

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