The Ship


I received this ARC from Orbit Books and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

There was life, and there was death, and the fragile divide between them, held in the hands of a stranger.

Lalla Paul is a sixteen year old girl who has only ever known known a society slowly circling the drain, ready for its swan song.  London’s ever-changing government requires constant re-registrations to maintain citizenship and without that, you are not even counted as human.  Lalla has been sheltered from all of that, kept safe behind security codes, under the watchful eye of her mom.  Her father has a solution, a ship.  On this ship her family and 500 strangers will set sail and leave the broken world behind.  Here-finally safe- for the first time, Lalla can’t seem to stop her mental tally of things that don’t make sense.  It’s all attributed to her being spoiled.

I had never felt loss, or hunger, or genuine fear either.  My parents protected me so well from what the world had become that I had no means to navigate it.

The ship is heaven to those around her but Lalla can’t turn her mind off.  There were times when I found Lalla’s narration to be plain annoying.  However, when I kept in mind that she was a sixteen year old girl spared the horrors of her world it became easier to understand her.  In any society there are those who fall in line and there are those who question everything.  We need both if we are to truly be free.  Honeywell did something interesting here and as I read the final page I knew I’d be chewing on this one for a few days.  If you could leave your fears behind and set sail, would you?

…there is no such thing as certainty, and in creating it, we lose the very thing that keeps us alive.

5 Stars.

Expected Publication: April 25, 2017

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